About Us: Embrace has come together purely by the grace of God. Three years in the visioning, yet years of preparation by a team of ministry leaders and students coming together. Embrace’s vision was founded on the high levels of suicide in the Lake Orion and Oxford community’s youth. Embrace is prevention focused, getting to our youth’s underlying issues rather than a mere treatment of the symptoms.

Scott & Kim Gibson (CEO)

Lake Orion graduates and childhood sweethearts, married 1982 with 2 amazing adult children and 6 grandchildren. We’ve been in youth and children’s ministries our entire lives. We’ve spent 13 blessed years in the inner-city of Detroit, mentored by an amazing Pastor Luther Wright. Luther would say to me you’re a white women from the suburbs…you haven’t walked in the shoes of the youth, seen what they’ve seen, or experienced what they’ve experienced…your job is to bring in Jesus. Best training I could ever have had. From our years in Detroit, Kim was staff at 2 different churches. God has grown youth ministries we’ve worked with into the 100’s. Scott is a Special Education Teacher and with Kim are owners of Charm and Company Salons.


Matt & Diane Webster (Executive Directorof Leadership Development)

I am the founding pastor of Acts 433 church. I have served in local pastoral ministry since 1997. My calling has led me to serve on staff at two Non-Denominational Churches, two Congregational Churches, and a Methodist Church. I have been involved in planting churches in Nepal, the Philippines, and America. I have published two books that are both available on amazon. Grace Fuled Gospel(ine), the latest book, received a lot of praise and it's versality works well for small group settings or individual study as well.  I have served as a subject matter expert for Ottawa University developing curriculum for their Christian courses as well as serving as adjunct professor.  Diane and I have been married since 2003. We have 3 children, Evan, Ava, and Isla. Diane has been a special education teacher since 2005.  She is a talented singer who loves to help lead worship.


Tara Lennox (Director of Programming & Mentorship)

I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Patrick for 31 years. We have been blessed with two daughters, Hilary and Abigale. I have been involved with children’s and youth ministries since I was in high school. I was on staff at a church in the area, as the Director of Family Ministries. Over the years of ministry, I learned much and relied on my mentors to help me when things got tough or beside me, when we could celebrate. Ministry has given me the opportunity to be around many different circumstances and given me the skills to connect, encourage, and lead others to the same goal. I truly believe I am product of mentorship. It has prepared me for this opportunity to be part of this non-profit. In my free time, I enjoy gardening, reading, traveling, and spending quality time with family and friends.


Steve Hicks (Mentorship Coordinator & Safety Policies Specialist)

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Dayna Neef (Executive Director of Business Development)

Social Entrepreneur and Oxford native, Dayna Neef, has made it her life’s mission to draw upon business techniques and private sector approaches to find solutions to social and cultural issues within her community.  After a successful stint in the Financial Services industry, Dayna decided to take the plunge into a career in nonprofit.  As a Financial Advisor, Dayna specialized in analytical and strategic design, asset gathering, new client acquisition, and client retention that resulted in 30%+ revenue growth for her team.  As an ‘Influencer’ on both the Myers Briggs and DiSC assessments, Dayna is a results-oriented and highly successful motivator.  Through years of service work,  she has helped lead various fundraising efforts, securing grants up to $500,000 and donations in the $50,000+ range .  As a mentor, Dayna takes personal responsibility for empowering and uplifting those around her; challenging them to go beyond what they thought possible.  Dayna is currently pursuing her Masters of Public Administration at Oakland University and is engaged to longtime partner and friend, Chad Adams.  In her free time, Dayna enjoys playing piano, volleyball, watersports, walking her dog, and spending time with friends and family.



Deandra Christiansen, Sondra DeLoy, Alexis Lopiccolo, Chloe Lopiccolo, Kyla Russell, Aly Walters (Consultants)

We have been blessed to have 6 Oxford high school students working with us to set up Embrace. From logo design to fundraising, to sharing the challenges they’ve experienced to finding a trusting place for themselves and their friends to have a voice and receive the help they need in healing. Thank you ladies!!!

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